Go Digital – The 22nd CCC Convention was all about digitization

21 June 2019


On 13 June  2019, more than 120 international guests met for the 22nd CCC Convention at the Umweltforum Berlin.

Some of Europe's leading customer care experts worked together to trace international economic trends and spoke in keynote speeches about "Go Digital - take your customer with you! Driving customer experience in today's complex and technically enhanced society."

This year's congress was moderated by Olav Vier Strawe, CEO of 4TechnologyGroup, Germany, and publisher of the industry magazine Teletalk, who led the auditorium professionally through the event and delivered the first speech of the day.

In his keynote speech, Olav Vier Strawe shared his vision of the 'Contact Center 2020'.The hot topic is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is used in a wide range of tasks and processes. From Digital Self-Service, Automated Workflows, Data Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Chatbots to Personalized Services and Agent Productivity - the potential of intelligent technologies and deployment are diverse - especially Chatbots and AI in messaging will continue to grow. Olav, who lives in Berlin, Japan and the US, shared interesting insights from the IT and high-tech industries and relies on current research findings.

Ann-Marie Stagg, Chief Executive of the Call Center Management Association UK then talked about Brexit trends and influence on customer expectations and preferred channels of communication in her presentation on 'The UK Contact Center Industry and Winning Customer Service Award'. With "Uncertainty becoming normal" in the UK, it is essential to gain the trust of the customers and invest in topics such as customer experience. She summarizes the expectations of the British customers with: always connected; hop around channels; want to help themselves; expect proactive, personalized service. In order to do justice to this, successful companies, also in other industries, are looking for solutions and, for example, rely on customer journey mapping, investing in customer experience, which partially replaces marketing. Ann-Marie completes her speech with a presentation of the European Contact Center and Customer Service Awards, which she chairs.

Corina Ghiatau, Organizational Development Manager, Orange, Romania enthused with a passionate presentation on 'People-Centric HR'. Orange lives up to a model designed by employees for employees, in which employees and their needs are compared and treated with those of a customer. The focus is on empathy and feedback. The goal is not just to fulfill expectations, but to create a positive experience as well. Corina is convinced that the criterion of a modern and successful company is the focus on people. And the numbers prove their worth: since the establishment of this system, employee satisfaction at Orange has increased significantly.

Arkadiusz R. Cempura, Head of the Daily Banking Department, Euro Bank, Poland, spoke in the fourth presentation titled 'Go digital, make banking with a personal touch' on the challenges facing modern banks today. He cited Bill Gates, who said in 1994 that 'Banking is necessary, Banks are not' and described the conflict between digitized self-service and direct contact between consultant and client. One solution here may be bots that make an initial selection with the customer in the form of an AI-based concierge model.

Finally, Lars Rohkamm, Vice President of Business Development, Unitymedia, Germany, enthused the guests of the CCC Convention with the topic 'Beyond Thinking - How we shape the digital now’. He amused with anecdotes about the digital learning abilities of his grandmother and at the same time demonstrated a professional approach to the rapidly changing expectations of good service and sometimes less flexible system landscapes. It is essential to solve unused contact channels and to establish those in demand today. He described service moments as brand moments and customers, when their trust is gained, as future distributors of a company's marketing message.

The CCC Special Award goes to:For the fourteenth time, the CCC Convention honored an exceptional personality for outstanding achievements and commitment to the customer care industry. The CCC Special Award 2019 was awarded to the long-standing customer care expert Ann-Marie Stagg. "Ann-Marie looks back on 25 successful years and is an institution of our industry, which she has helped shape with her leadership and outstanding performance," said Maria Hoffrichter-Zanetti, Communications Management, CCC. Ann-Marie is Chief Executive of the Call Center Management Association, the largest call center association in the United Kingdom. The association annually awards the National Contact Center Awards, as well as the European Contact Center and Customer Service Awards. After an emotional eulogy, Ann-Marie accepted the Swarovski crystal award cube amid applause of the guests and glittering confetti rain. 

CCC sincerely thanks all international cooperation partners of the 22nd CCC Convention for their support!